12CIG Inc. did not restrict it activities in some limited boundaries. But, it has widened its humanitarian, social relief oriented, educational activities along with Dawah – Islamic Propaganda point of view in a broader basis.

As such,   it is remarkable here, that CIG Inc. distributed school books, bags and other school items to more than 1000 students of Kattankudy, Poonochchimunai, Plamunai, Batticaloa, Karbala, Kankeyanodai schools which were seriously affected owing to the Tsunami onslaught. By, accomplishing this service CIG Inc. encouraged the affected students to continue their studies with out delay.
In addition to that, CIG Inc. has been granting scholarships to some students who are following Islamic & Arabic studies in the country to relieve their lumbers to some extent and to encourage them in that field.

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